Machines, Human Powered

Combine the scale and precision of state-of-the-art machine learning models with the quality of human supervision by your experts.

Machine learning models and humans excel in very different areas. A fully automatic process is cheaper and more scalable, but often misses to capture the in-depth knowledge and common-sense of a human expert. We are specialized in implementing hybrid solutions, providing high scalability, while keeping quality up to your business requirements.


The last 10 years brought ground-breaking advances in the field of machine-learning, enabling totally new automation possibilities. While the performance of these models can be almost on a human level, the last few missing percent are often the ones that matter. Also the need for human supervision can vary a lot between single items in your processes and most automation-solutions are not able to differentiate.

Our mission is to build systems that know when they can decide for themselves and when revision is needed. Your employees are enabled to apply their knowledge where it is most efficient, while freeing them from repetitive, tedious work.

We think the next 10 years will be about making human- and machine-intelligence work together!


Accelerate your paper digitalization by orders of magnitudes! Make indexing and data-extraction even from wildly unstructured documents actually easy. Together with our partners we are able to provide a full-service solution, from the paper to fully indexed documents, with data extracted according to your needs.

Current state-of-the-art systems might translate a whole passage perfectly well and spectacularly fail on an easy word play in the next sentence. ezy.translate is our translation solution that knows, where its confident about its output and where reviews of a human translator are needed.

We believe almost every industry can benefit from well-adjusted integration of machine-learning models in their processes, but successfully implementing these needs domain- as well engineering-experts working close together. We provide services, from initial consultation to identify (hybrid-)automation opportunities in collaboration with your experts, up to implementing and running production systems at scale, in your favored environment.


Are you an AI company?

Yes, we are working in the field of "artificial intelligence", but we think that this term is overused and loosing its meaning as a result.
We have a strong preference for substance over buzz-words.
To emphazise this, we generally avoid the word AI.

What does "ezy" mean?

"Ezy" is short for "easy". Most solutions to hard problems look simple and easy in retrospect. This is even an established scientific principle for problem-solving, called the Occam's razor. It doesn't imply that easy solutions are easy to find. But they naturally come with advantages which make them worth pursuing, i.e. being more cost-efficient, less error-prone and mostly straightforward to implement.

Are you doing consulting work?

We always like to tackle new problems, but we focus on the ones that scale. Contact us and we find out together, if your organization has cases that fit for both of us!


Bastian Broekmans

Dr. Daniele Marmiroli

  • Physicist turned data-scientist
  • Has a history in finance
  • Makes sense out of models
  • Cares about accuracy
Bastian Broekmans

Thomas Söhngen

  • Computer scientist (Dipl.Inf.)
  • Doing machine learning since before it was cool
  • Has an instict for automation opportunities
Bastian Broekmans

Bastian Broekmans

  • Full-stack developer
  • Young development veteran
  • Builds and scales
  • Never afraid to get his hands dirty
Bastian Broekmans

Jonas Montag

  • BI scientist
  • ... and practitioner
  • Turns results into insights
  • Pays attention to business
Bastian Broekmans


  • Best looking team-member
  • Ball- and eye-catcher
  • Good boy!